CSTA session: computing education in rural communities

An unrolled tweet thread from CSTA 2021, following a really compelling panel discussion about the challenges and victories of getting CS to ‘stick’ in rural and remote schools…

#CSTA2021 @jennifer_rosato @NMValentine on (CS) education in rural areas. I never thought being "on the road system" was a dimension to consider! 😅

Live session at CSTA 2021, information slide about Overview of rural life and rural education. Slides at tinyurl.com/RuralCS2021

US govt defines "rural" based not on anything about the area itself, but on its distance from the nearest urban area. Y'know, important places. 🤨
–> Slides at http://tinyurl.com/RuralCS2021. #CSTA2021

Current question in #CSTA2021 #rural: "What's the story of getting CS started at your school?" Lots of stories of starting with something tangential, and pivoting to CS: keyboarding class, tech, biz, coaching a sport.

Other strategies coming up, for building visibility & momentum for CS class: @VBHANDS wrangled some 3d printers, and sells prints to the community. Others make web pages for the school and community. Relate Ss to local businesses. #CSTA2021 #rural

@NMValentine to Alaska students (paraphrasing): "CS skills can allow you to stay here in the community you love, and have a great local career doing good." A participant says: lots of robotics on our local dairy farms! #CSTA2021 #rural

Originally tweeted by Mike Deutsch (@mdeutschmtl) on July 16, 2021.