What I do

I spend my time learning from and sharing with others in math & CS education, both researchers and practitioners. Here are my specialties:

Professional development

Public and dedicated sessions about:

  • Pedagogy for K-12 coding
  • Specific sensemaking routines for Math and Coding (Notice & Wonder, Slow Reveal, etc.)
  • Instructional Coaching and Lesson Study processes

Research & writing

Qualitative research, academic writing, feature writing.

Instructional coaching

Coaching K-12 coding instruction (live or recorded), and designing & implementing coaching programs.

Learning design

Consultation on the pedagogy & design of learning tools and platforms.


Some of the folks I’ve worked with and places I’ve spoken:

See Publications for selected examples with PDFs. Contact me to chat.

CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association) | Make Math Moments virtual summit | OAME (Ontario Assoc for Mathematics Education) | The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Computing Education research seminars and Hello World magazine | ACM ICER (Conference on International Computing Education Research) | ACM WiPSCE (Workshop in Primary & Secondary Computing) | McGill University Faculty of Education | University of Alberta Faculty of Education | University of Edinburgh Data in Schools| QPAT (Québec Provincial Assoc of Teachers) | Steamlabs | Digital Moment (née Kids Code Jeunesse)