All about video review: my session at OAME 2022

Dispatches from conferenceland…
An unrolled tweet thread:

While I’m sitting in sessions at Quebec’s @crifpe #SommetNumerique… my mind occasionally jumps ahead to tonight’s session at @OAMElearns!

#OAME2022 friends, are you open in tonight's Th 8pm time slot? I'm sharing our @KidsCoding video-review process. It helps our instructors be *even awesomer* (that's possible? 🤯) by breaking down their strategies & moves with one another, slowly and with reflection.

At the moment we have a small #OAME2022 crowd (I share a time slot with incredible educators; what're you gonna do?) — and we'd love to have more! Yes, it'll be recorded, but come join us live. 👋

In this session I have ~25:00 of video clips to share, of real @KidsCoding breakdown sessions. Three different situations, from new to experienced instructors. We'll watch these together, and notice the insights that pop up between the reviewer(s) and the reviewee.

Screen capture of 3 @kidscoding instructors reviewing a recorded Scratch workshop together, to share practices and insights.

This video review is a work in progress for us in @KidsCoding and it's been super productive in the 1st round. It has a lot in common with #LessonStudy and other teacher-ed practices.

#OAME2022 @OAMElearns is the first time we're sharing our video review process… but it won't be the last! (See us at @csteachersorg 2022 July in Chicago)

Originally tweeted by Mike Deutsch (@mdeutschmtl) on May 5, 2022.