A thinking vacation in Boston: with Jenna Laib!

An unrolled tweet thread, capturing a super visit I had with math educator Jenna Laib, on a family trip to Boston…

When you're visiting family in another city, and a favorite #mtbos teacher/blogger lives there, and everything aligns… Great afternoon chat, @jennalaib! Thanks for coming out to talk. ☺️ and thanks @DdeutschDan & fam for taking my kids for a while.

Big #csk8 idea coming out of our rendezvous: sense making via CS "faded examples" and "code comprehension" + math "slow-reveal charts." The result: slow-reveal block code. It would make a great facilitated #NoticeWonder routine.

Start with a fully greyed-out workspace. Can't see what the code looks like; can only (maybe?) see the working demo. Reveal bits at a time, asking "What do you notice/wonder?" at each step.

ex: Reveal the outline of the code stack(s). Reveal individual block edges so shapes become apparent; nested blocks, parameters, operators are seen. Reveal color; the instruction "types" are clear. Final reveal: the full code.

Alternative: present as static tasks, #openmiddle #fadedexample on a worksheet or in a #Scratch studio.
"What could be inside this loop, that's producing this result?"
"What logical condition could be producing this behavior?"

So much to chew on. So many project ideas to try. I think my team is going to eat it up.

You also confirmed for me that @IllustrateMath is fertile territory to find more about relevant tasks and techniques. Can't wait to go deeper. And up near me, @OAMElearns conf is a great regional resource. I'm trying to get there again this May.

I think that's it… This is shaking up to be another fun "thinking vacation." 🌨🤔🤓

Originally tweeted by Mike Deutsch (@mdeutschmtl) on December 23, 2019.