Here’s a selection of presentations I’ve given at conferences; emphasis on k-8 computing education since 2018.

Developed out of my research:

Lauren Margulieux, Paul Denny, Kathryn Cunningham, Michael Deutsch, and Benjamin R. Shapiro. 2021. When Wrong is Right: The Instructional Power of Multiple Conceptions. Proceedings of the 17th ACM Conference on International Computing Education Research. Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 184–197. DOI:

Deutsch, M. (2020, January). Task and talk: Borrowing from mathematics education for K-8 computing. Poster presented at Fields Institute MathEd Research Day 2020, Toronto, ON. [materials]

Deutsch, M. (2019, August). Task + Talk: A pedagogical model adapted for K-8 CS. Lightning talk presented at ACM International Computing Education Research (ICER) conference, Toronto, ON. [materials]

Deutsch, M. (2019, June). Talk to learn math, talk to learn coding. Lecture presented at Mathematics and its Connections to the Arts and Sciences (MACAS) conference, Montreal, QC. [materials]

Developed & delivered through Kids Code Jeunesse:

Raspberry Pi Foundation: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

CSTA 2022

OAME 2022: Video review in a teaching team

CSTA Feb 2022: CS Across the Curriculum

CSTA 2021 (2)

CSTA 2020

ECOO 2020

CEMC 2020

OAME 2020

ACSE, Feb 2020. Scaffolding by understanding a working demo.

Deutsch, M., & McDonald, A. (2019, May). Math by way of micro:bits. Workshop presented at Ontario Association for Mathematics Educators (OAME) conference, Ottawa, ON.

Deutsch, M. (2018, November). Micro:bits to animate your other curricula. Workshop presented at Collaborate, Create, Innovate (CCI) conference, Montreal, QC.


Old stuff:

Presentations, posters, and guest lectures out of my work at McGill University: Learning Management Systems (LMS), Enterprise Student Information Systems (SIS), and Business Intelligence (BI)/Analytics.

  • Intro to BI and Analytics & Data Visualization, guest lectures at McGill Desautels Faculty of Management, 2011-13.
  • Agile BI Development. Presentation at Higher Ed Data Warehousing Forum (HEDW) 2009, Bloomington, IN.
  • Transforming the Matrix: Achieving Better Focus and Insight in LMS Selection. Co-author with Anthony C. Masi, Laura R. Winer, & Adam B. A. Finkelstein. Presented by colleagues at EDUCAUSE 2006, Dallas, TX.
  • LMS Analytics: My LMS gets 2m hits a day… Now what? Co-author with Anthony C. Masi, Laura R. Winer, & Adam B. A. Finkelstein. Presented by colleagues at EDUCAUSE 2005, Orlando, FL.
  • Real-time LMS integration: Now a must-have. Co-author with Laura R. Winer & Adam B. A. Finkelstein. Poster presented by colleagues at EDUCAUSE 2004, Denver, CO.
  • Improving your LMS integration. Co-author with Bogdan Negoita. Presentation at Canadian Banner Users Conference 2004.